Dutchess County asphalt and blacktop installation company


Hartshorn Paving is a highly rated and well reviewed asphalt and driveway installation company for Dutchess County NY!  For over 25 years, George Hartshorn Paving Company has been paving large and small residential driveways, commercial lots, public municipal stations, school parking lots, bus storage facilities, auto dealer property and more. There are very few parts of Dutchess County NY that have not been paved, sealed or striped by Hartshorn Paving. Use the contact form below if you’re thinking about getting an estimate for this season or next, for any of the following:

  • Fixing cracked pavement
  • Sealing your driveway to prevent damage
  • Installing aprons
  • Striping your parking lot
  • Installing a brand new driveway
  • Expanding a small driveway or parking lot to accommodate more vehicles…

Thanks in advance for your business!