Driveway Aprons Poughkeepsie NY


Bring an element of personal design to your curb appeal with a custom

driveway apron with belgium blockAn apron, the area of asphalt where the driveway meets the road, is an important component of your driveway that conveys curb appeal to your guests while providing a durable fortification to the inevitable outside forces that your driveway may endure at one time or another.

Without a doubt, aprons make the entrance to a home or business more attractive and that’s why we take the time and effort to provide the customer with an apron that is both structurally sound and visually appealing. Driveway entrances frequently take lots of abuse from cars and trucks, plows and weather; however, with a firm and well constructed apron, there is an area of extra strength and reinforcement to your driveway that can prevent damage such as cracking and sinking.

Every apron that we complete adds a beautiful feature to the home or business while protecting it and providing harmony to the overall look of your property.

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