Carmel High School gets new blacktop driveway sealing installation


From school parking lots to driveways at your home…Hartshorn Paving has been serving the needs of the community for many many years!

Hartshorn Paving was granted the opportunity to complete a new blacktop driveway and parking lot sealing in Carmel NY this past weekend, and boy did we shine.  This parking lot is large with lots of islands, turns, and signs…and also, cracks, holes and more.  Hartshorn Paving came in and cleaned the lot, sealed the lot, and then had a team LINE the lot…and boy oh boy does it look professional, safe and ready to withstand the test of hundreds of buses, cars and trucks (and kids!).

We are so fortunate to serve our local school system.

Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck this year CHS!